day at bones 9

me n mike ridin

Credit: moi n mike
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  • mikeKENNO

    3/30/2008 4:12 PM

    well what is exciting to you then RBK
    people doing tripple frontflip xups to late toothpic to backflip ??

    ''if you dont have anything nice to say , dont say it '

  • dip.ed

    3/30/2008 4:10 PM

    RBK ur mums borin
    and as long as were ridin n havin fun it dont matter

  • RBK

    3/30/2008 12:23 PM

    wow this is boring

  • Uglyeasternrider

    3/30/2008 12:15 PM

    Oh yeah. Nice Riding

  • Uglyeasternrider

    3/30/2008 12:14 PM

    Trust me, The Postal Service is not gay. I personally love them and Death Cab for Cutie (Same Singer).

  • mikeKENNO

    3/29/2008 3:58 PM

    well im mike in this video

    the song is gay how a song can be gay i rele dont understand

    anyways its postal serivce - such great heights

    thanks for good comments

  • fitflowstreet

    3/29/2008 10:43 AM

    what song is it? ive heard in another vid

  • Bob Gnarly

    3/28/2008 7:38 PM

    god this song is gay

  • k.mullen

    3/28/2008 1:47 PM

    Good, whats there for BMX ?