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12yr old del at motion not entered snafu comp

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  • jim.d

    11/11/2008 8:36 PM

    some of the people here are insane assholes, like seriously you dont deserve to live! and by the way, your soo good + you are just 12!! can wait to see you ride in a few years

  • jonambrider

    11/10/2008 11:11 AM


    so much talent,
    keep it up litle man

  • Joe Cote

    11/10/2008 10:22 AM

    your good as shit know this... props on the vid ... lucky to have a dad so supportive... ever in kentucky look me up.. id like to ride with this kid !!! Damn !!!

  • dandelbmx

    11/10/2008 5:47 AM

    hey guys chill out Im not entering the snafu comp its just a vid of me ridin

  • jessejfbmx09

    11/10/2008 1:46 AM

    You people are fucking stupid. The prize bike has a no brakes..

    And yeah seriously kid, you don't need the bike. Your bike is perfectly fine and you ride smooth enough.

    Nice vid and you're good for 12. But who wouldn't be given the opportunity?

  • wog bmx

    11/9/2008 11:33 PM

    the guy that did the first comment is such a retard he cant even see that there is brakes on that kids bike like wtf by the way the kid is pretty good for 12

  • Chuck D

    11/9/2008 11:33 PM

    dang what are they feeding that kid!?
    thats some good bike riding right there

  • kingkoolkeith

    11/9/2008 3:48 PM


  • MatsukBmxer

    11/9/2008 3:18 PM

    one good 12 year old!! Nice ridin

  • dandelbmx

    11/9/2008 12:43 PM

    thanx for the comments sorry if im not a garret reynolds wannabe Im just me.yes Im on 20 inch now and run brake and I am 12 I can ride street and trails cheers guys PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!

  • JonathanAllen

    11/9/2008 11:29 AM

    If a 12 year old kid can 360 whip, I think us who can't should just give up on riding! LOL

  • akis

    11/9/2008 5:33 AM

    litle dave mira

  • TheSaki

    11/9/2008 1:58 AM

    clean! nice riding, but.. did he ride a 20-inch bike?

  • Steven Rice

    11/8/2008 10:57 PM

    wow!!! kid is so good..imagine his talent in 5 years

  • muffe

    11/8/2008 8:54 PM

    it's awesome your dad supports your riding

  • Spymagician

    11/8/2008 7:59 PM

    Keep shreddin' D. Hella sick riding. Ignore the jealous haters.

  • beno

    11/8/2008 6:41 PM

    this is one of those kids your gonna be seeing in Ride in a few years. your sick kid keep it up and don't listen to haters

  • Hekttor biker Chile

    11/8/2008 6:38 PM

    i can't believe it !
    for me is so dificult do it whips & that kid do it so easy !

  • dope190

    11/8/2008 5:55 PM

    u dudes are retarded (not smooth) what r u talkin about hes only 12 and by the time hes like 16 hell prolly be doin flairs and whips like their shit