feeble stack on 2 chairs 8

i tryed to feeble 2 chairs and put my front wheel to far and went over the bars lol it didnt hert

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  • TaaalBmx

    9/22/2009 12:08 PM

    im english and we call crashes stacks... sometimes :D

  • gissybmx

    5/24/2009 4:55 PM

    YEEEEAAAAAHHHH BOOOOIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i like to suck em aswell so dont worry

    I . L .Y and your hairyy asssss ballls

  • gissybmx

    5/24/2009 4:54 PM

    oh i forgot. PS: you also like to suck big hairy ballsack

  • gissybmx

    5/24/2009 4:54 PM

    you are a fucking dickhead

  • bmxxmb

    1/11/2008 3:51 PM

    nice try bro or ausi or ahahaha

  • 15yearoldshredder

    1/9/2008 11:44 PM

    lol im only 15 and i can usually do that i was just out of practice and im an ausi thats prob why i call it that lol

  • ztownbmx

    1/9/2008 7:50 AM

    who calls crashes stacks?

  • jordanbmxbmx

    1/9/2008 6:24 AM

    benches...not chairs...benches... haha thats how i learned to grind like 10 years ago

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