flip no hands training 5

to close to pulled it...15 years old rider from Greece

Credit: mixalhs
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*mike*'s videos

  • jessejfbmx09

    6/9/2008 10:18 PM

    HA HA HA diegorubeus HA HA HA

  • diegorubeus

    6/7/2008 3:04 PM

    i konw waht's the next video we gonna see from him:
    my broken skull after backflips without helmet.

  • harobiker720

    6/7/2008 11:40 AM

    r those matresses on top of the ramp???

  • adrianflorin

    6/7/2008 11:31 AM

    ouch dude....
    ur crazy....
    get a helmet

  • Tom Vígh

    6/7/2008 10:19 AM

    Why don't u wear helmet??