footjam tailwhip 8

footjam tailwhip and footjam downside tailwhip

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  • ramonbmx

    8/7/2008 11:29 AM

    when u do footjam have to hop into your bike when it is coming towards you can land in the transition...and try to put the footjam(the front wheel) in the flat part of the ramp, not in the the video on youtube where eddie cleveland explains how to do will help you a lot..
    you are going good although....just practise the last part of hoping

  • Hookie

    8/5/2008 6:15 AM

    they could use some work, but not bad tho.

  • pedroB12

    8/5/2008 2:13 AM

    that down whip was smooth

  • BikerBrandon

    8/4/2008 3:47 PM

    he is hopping in on them?

  • a Justin

    8/4/2008 12:59 PM

    nice down side man

  • gimmickbmx

    8/4/2008 10:27 AM

    those are way nice man try hopping in on them once you get comfortable

  • freecoaster bmx

    8/4/2008 8:33 AM

    good riding man nice whips

  • billyridesadevice

    8/4/2008 5:39 AM