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Credit: guish
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  • subrosapandorafan3

    12/17/2007 10:23 AM

    dude you are pretty good. for learning by your self and not having any park to ride at... good job mad props from me man.

  • guiguish

    12/17/2007 7:47 AM

    And a park video coming soon

  • guiguish

    12/17/2007 7:45 AM

    yes i haved got a problems with the song ..

  • jChampy

    12/17/2007 6:20 AM

    the song is horrible

    but the riding is pretty tight

    keep it up

    ...a park would help a lot too

  • ride the flow

    12/16/2007 7:07 AM

    and if theres no park build some stuff

  • ride the flow

    12/16/2007 7:04 AM

    its like a new riding style, a mixture of park tricks but on flat ground, good job tho!

  • MacDaddy02

    12/16/2007 5:27 AM

    HOLY FUCK this song blows shit

  • alek_animal_bmx92

    12/16/2007 5:22 AM

    shit..i think u did great..u learned all that without oter people and a park.thats tight as fuck..i think these ohter guys dnt know shit..good job man..PROPS


    12/16/2007 3:18 AM

    hey man hes right you need a park to ride and those tricks would look better or, some bigger things on street to ride.

  • guiguish

    12/16/2007 2:17 AM

    yes but i havent got park in my town..

  • chesney

    12/16/2007 1:09 AM

    Go find a sk8park then u might be better