ghetto spine run 10

uk again

Credit: pat
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  • ginobmx1

    8/11/2008 12:09 AM

    ive never tried 180 on a spine but its small
    i find 360 proper hard


    8/10/2008 9:32 PM

    personally i think its harder to 180 a spine than 3 anyone else? A SPINE i said so done be like no its easier when ur in the street and u 180 or some stupid shit

  • pedroB12

    8/10/2008 2:47 PM

    yh that line wuld be coolio

  • bmxer_jake

    8/9/2008 5:46 PM

    yer learn 180s and 3's and then you can take them to the proper steep mofos

  • JuLiUzZz

    8/9/2008 5:06 PM

    Yes, that would be cool. And that spine looks pretty mellow so you can maybe trie
    a 180 over it

  • lumpster-

    8/9/2008 12:31 PM

    do you mean from one side of the spine over the gap to the other one?

  • gimmickbmx

    8/9/2008 12:09 PM

    have you ever tried the spine transfer gap that would be tight

  • ginobmx1

    8/9/2008 8:07 AM

    a Justin dont be a dumb fuck

  • lumpster-

    8/9/2008 7:59 AM

    shut up man, its just some practising.

  • a Justin

    8/9/2008 7:50 AM

    dude ru pro?

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