glendale ride 6

the ending is retarded, and no music

Credit: Andrew Maddox
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miller's videos

  • goridebrakeless

    3/14/2008 3:24 PM

    that was some awsome riding, but why give your personal info?

  • bmxndre

    3/12/2008 11:09 PM

    keep on doin it man i remember when you couldnt get your back tire out of your air keep on progressin

  • ReveL EOC

    3/12/2008 1:47 PM

    sick riding man you remind me of me only you're way better hahaha

  • OCGC801

    3/11/2008 9:10 PM

    those quarters look huge

  • alek_animal92

    3/11/2008 7:29 PM

    so is this like a sponsor vid or what??

  • iRideBiKEs!!

    3/10/2008 2:45 PM

    Nice, Xcourt is so sick!