good enough for trails? 9


Credit: billy keagan mooch
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  • casey23

    8/3/2010 11:07 PM

    good enough for a new camera?

  • Mooch

    5/27/2010 12:16 PM

    ya bmx is about fun... not telling ppl that they bring shame to bmx.. no one can bring shame to this sport. and if they want a tip is should be respect for the sport.

  • Jeff Lindner

    5/26/2010 11:25 PM

    who the fuck cares if they dont do tricks!!! you fucking fags are riding to train. why dont you try riding with out a seat post in your ass and have fun!

  • Codycantbike

    5/26/2010 3:52 PM

    Whips are tricks? just really easy ones.

  • yo

    5/26/2010 3:10 PM

    siiik, looks real fun!


    5/26/2010 2:23 PM

    back off and let them have fun that's what BMX is about!!! let them learn some tricks or maybe even give them some tips on tricks and if they are like 12 years old then mooch your a d-bag and need to learn more about BMX yourself

  • Mooch

    5/26/2010 12:50 PM

    i think you 2 are lame and both probably are like 12... and bring shame to bmx... who the fuck do u think u are. some sort of mega star...

  • aguythatcantride

    5/26/2010 12:05 PM

    that was gay these guy bring shame to bmx and what the hell no tricks take up skateboarding if u want to be a homo not bmx

  • Anthony Zinck

    5/26/2010 8:55 AM

    Id like to see you guys do some tricks. not just wips .