help? (: 7

i want to improve my 3's help me please

Credit: me and my camara (:
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We are going to die!'s videos


    9/17/2008 5:33 PM

    look under ur armpit at ur ass

  • pedroB12

    9/16/2008 1:28 PM

    try to hop a little bit higher and keep commited by throwing your head around and keeping it twisted

  • beno

    9/16/2008 11:36 AM

    i would go a little faster and flick the three. Don't carve into it. Your all set there pretty much and maybe bring up your knees a little bit

  • so-cal psyco

    9/15/2008 11:37 PM

    you need to pick up your back tire more and keep your head facing the direction you are turning cuz your body will follow it.

  • We are going to die!

    9/15/2008 9:48 PM

    oh thanks dude i will try it tomorrow (:

  • bmxchris256

    9/15/2008 9:04 PM

    when i first leared hop 3's thats what mine looked like all you gotta do is when you pull up like on just a little bunny hop about a foot high just spin like normal then drop our shoulder and just keep your rotation going thats what i do and they seem to be getting better..other than that just keep practicing

  • Caleb12321

    9/15/2008 8:56 PM

    just keep practicing and you can get them easy...ill send you a video of me doing a 360 flat and you can see how i do it alot different then the way you do