help 180? 18

please help me lol i can't stop taking my foot off no matter what.
that was even on a little ledge so i got higher but the same thing happens on flat

Credit: cell phone
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bmxiscool's videos


    12/25/2008 9:15 PM

    learn 3s first

  • fede/bmx1

    12/25/2008 1:04 PM

    ! good quality!!

  • hoyt-tec2011

    12/22/2008 4:41 PM

    heres wat you got to do its really smart take zip ties and zip tie ur foot to ur pedal it will keep it on and if u crash they will just snap thats how i learned it

  • Schweke

    12/22/2008 2:15 PM

    just dont be a puss and keep ur foot on, its really easy to commit to a 180

  • yayitstyler

    12/22/2008 9:11 AM

    well if your trying a 1footed 180 goodjob

  • JustRideBMX

    12/22/2008 7:12 AM

    just dont pusssy out

  • Nathh.Fernandes

    12/21/2008 11:45 AM

    my mate ductaped his foot on the pedal when we first started and just fell right on his side it was well funny

  • neandres

    12/21/2008 6:37 AM

    go and practice

  • jaiden

    12/21/2008 4:06 AM

    pull hard as u turn and LEARN TO FAKIE then u can start gettin them

  • KriSandM

    12/21/2008 12:05 AM

    well try turning your head when you spin, pull up harder too.

  • prototypenemesis

    12/20/2008 11:45 PM

    Ok man, first off you need to learn roll backs from the looks of it. Try going up a ramp and come back down fakie. Then after you got the motion of rolling backwards along with pedaling backwards go to the next step, 180s.

  • SundaybikesRDR

    12/20/2008 10:10 PM

    maybe u just suck hahah jk

  • bmxiscool

    12/20/2008 6:47 PM

    im thinking about duct tape. but at the rate i'm tilting over to the side, i'm not sure if that's a bright idea.

  • peoplethewe

    12/20/2008 6:46 PM

    duct tape your foot on

  • v4511105

    12/20/2008 6:19 PM

    try on a ramp first

  • natebmxacan

    12/20/2008 5:02 PM

    stay on the damn thing

  • antsae

    12/20/2008 4:32 PM

    you are scary..

  • bmxiscool

    12/20/2008 3:56 PM

    crap quality .. sorry..