how is my 180 7

how can i do a bigger 180 ?
help me .

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tj bmx from germany's videos


    2/3/2009 7:55 AM

    start hopping in higher ledges and curbs and wen u feel comfortable 180 onto the. then do it on flat ground

  • odsy

    2/3/2009 1:24 AM

    you pretty much have it already all you can do now is make them better with practice. but if you want 180's so you can straight into fakie that'll mean you will want more speed and you'll need to hop higher and wear shinnies unless you think you to hardcore for them because you wil shin yourself a bit as well as fall

  • shertownrider

    2/2/2009 7:50 PM

    just hop like u would a normal bunny hop instead of hop where both wheels come up at once dont worry man ull get i had this prob for a while to but all u can do is hop back then front and ya ur gunna fall a lot harder that way but o well

  • JustRideBMX

    2/2/2009 3:19 PM

    not bad
    keep working on it
    to get them higher just hop higher
    thats the only way to explain it


    2/2/2009 1:14 PM

    you suck

  • ProFiLes

    2/2/2009 11:37 AM

    why would u post this.....GAY!

  • wethepeople_bram

    2/2/2009 11:31 AM

    hop higher ?