jeff albert edit 14


Credit: kyle sheldon, myself
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  • hbjessejames

    6/10/2008 2:30 PM

    very nice riding.

  • BobbyBMX

    6/8/2008 6:53 PM

    haven skatepark is the best...ill be coming there again soon. i went last month and there was noone in the park,it was me and one kid.

    good riding.

  • bmx freak 1

    6/8/2008 3:21 PM

    yea sick dude love the riding i wish more people like you lived out by me its so boring and you get jumped if you go to bike parks and arressed if you ride street it sucks

  • richiefernandes

    6/8/2008 2:47 PM


  • richiefernandes

    6/8/2008 1:32 PM

    jeffs gay jk, nice by the way

  • jeffalbert

    6/8/2008 12:14 PM

    thanks for all the comments guys... that indoor park is "Haven skatepark" in north haven ct it just opened up and its sooooo good

  • debary_will

    6/7/2008 10:19 PM

    that park is sweet as hell

  • berky256

    6/7/2008 6:18 PM

    taht was kickasss

    kepp it up

  • harobiker720

    6/7/2008 11:38 AM

    wht park is tht with the horseshoe

  • adrianflorin

    6/7/2008 11:29 AM

    nice wallride and everything else..

  • goonie

    6/7/2008 10:57 AM

    haha i was just listening to that song. Nice Vid

  • millerky

    6/7/2008 9:18 AM

    sikk, good ridin good editing

  • sleezy

    6/7/2008 8:27 AM

    sweet as riding

  • Proper

    6/7/2008 7:39 AM