john haller 15

wat a gay

Credit: danny greaves
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  • jgarbo1994

    9/26/2007 8:16 AM

    man u suck coc u carti ce pic but least u can do it now after yers of practice if that wot you call it


  • worthy5587

    9/4/2007 11:31 AM

    look i think ya'll should just lay off a bit it takes some people a lil longer to get a hang of things but i agree with the whole brakeless thing

  • jorgelin

    8/30/2007 9:22 AM

    so stupid

  • jorgelin

    8/30/2007 9:22 AM

    so stupid

  • FOXX

    8/28/2007 5:02 PM

    this is what happens when you give a nerd a bike

  • foxrider18

    8/25/2007 7:29 AM

    The main thing is that your on a bmx.

  • n00b rid3r

    8/23/2007 5:31 PM

    dang at least his bike is cool lol

  • fuk i hate wood pushers

    8/23/2007 1:14 AM

    fuk your shit cunt why even post that

  • Kaoz314

    8/19/2007 12:51 PM

    at least he wasnt on a skateboard

  • rideordie13

    8/18/2007 7:56 AM

    sorry but every body is rite you suck

  • psyckoacm

    8/17/2007 1:12 PM

    nice colors on ur bike but u suck

  • HiMyNameIsMitch

    8/17/2007 7:32 AM

    wow that suked

  • anti scooter kid

    8/16/2007 4:57 PM

    dont ride brakeless till your good enough and your not good enough

  • WoofBmx

    8/16/2007 6:40 AM

    Jsut ice it like your manuleing its the only way. And brakes always help bro.

  • DHamilton1387

    8/15/2007 10:52 AM

    man u suck go ride a scooter