jus a flat 3 to a 180 8

iv been bikin for about 4 mayb 5 months now and im workin on an edit, but the weather isnt too gr8 rite now

Credit: me
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  • chris kelso

    4/25/2010 9:12 AM

    Haha yea there was a tap but you barely see it soo unless you wana be picky it's a flat 3

  • вмх1558

    3/21/2010 5:10 PM

    ya, i can see that a bit, but if u wer to watch the vid in slow motion, then u could see that both tires hit at the same time. it duz look like a tap a bit tho.

  • gstring02

    3/20/2010 11:57 AM

    yeah that looks like a 360 tap to me,but im not hatin cos i cant lol

  • вмх1558

    2/13/2010 5:25 PM

    u kiddin? its jus the cam it makes it hard to see. bleve me, i wldnt hav said flat 3 if i tapped it at all, cuz i hate taps.

  • dakiddjai93

    2/13/2010 4:14 PM

    dat 3 was deff not flat lol

  • rasika

    2/11/2010 4:44 PM

    yeah i noticed. use a ipod or something?

  • вмх1558

    2/11/2010 4:42 PM

    ya i had to use a terrible cam that day hah

  • rasika

    2/11/2010 4:40 PM

    bit blurry and short but i like it