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bribribmx's videos

  • Charles_Gélinas

    2/24/2011 7:11 PM

    Just shut the fuck up ass hole this guy is abble to do a 360 tailwip or 360 nohand and things like that .. dont juge someone with a video ... it was in 2007 now we in 2011 I'm sure your just a loser and you dont know how to do anything with a bike motherfucker

  • skavengethesenuts

    2/10/2008 6:30 AM

    was that supposed too be a fuking no hander

  • almost1148

    1/31/2008 3:08 PM

    you need to flow on the trails

    don't try so hard

  • JOSH .H

    1/31/2008 4:43 AM

    Just keep ridin and one day you'll b where u wanna b(Y)

  • jordanbmxbmx

    1/31/2008 3:28 AM

    yo dont listen to these fags ... trails are sick ...i bet these fags couldnt flow trails. Keep ridin dirt man you'll find that its the best kind of riding can build whatever you want and you dont even need to do tricks... just flow

  • A08

    1/30/2008 3:57 AM

    aright video.. keep practicin man, you can see your developing some bike control and some comfort in the air.. just keep riding..

  • fitflowstreet

    1/29/2008 4:53 AM


  • 4thelove

    1/29/2008 1:17 AM

    GO HOME!!!!

  • bmxboyZrk

    1/28/2008 4:08 PM

    this is pussy shit .. comon