mini vid 88

reece jones 15 years old

Credit: wayne filmer/editor
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  • ridevansbmx

    4/15/2009 5:58 AM


  • Chase Hawk

    3/13/2009 6:35 AM

    reece your fucking amzing your taboe was so good man and your superman air. best style ever some one needs to get this kid on fitt?/?
    see what i can do.

  • FBM-leo-Executioner

    3/12/2009 11:18 AM

    this kid kills it
    the end.

  • nathannnn.

    3/5/2009 6:07 AM

    shut the fuck up
    the kid is 15
    his been riding for 10 months
    he shreds
    probs shreds everything who has commented this video

    why would he need to lie
    even if he said 2 years you would all be like fuck this kid shreds so he has no need to lie

    just enjoy the video and wish the kid well
    hes gonna go big for sure

  • loganbmx

    2/19/2009 11:51 PM

    how much an how big is the bridge i might buy it. i sorta need a bridge ay itll be useful fuk hed ahhahahahh

  • jakebmx11

    2/19/2009 11:33 PM

    oh haha funny any1 wanna buy a bridge ur a dumb cunt ay besides ur probably some dumb cunt that sits in front of a computer all fukin day complaining about some other peoples videos so u haven't met him so just fuck off u retard.

  • spinningbars

    2/19/2009 7:49 AM

    never said he wasnt good, just def calling bullshit on 11 months of riding......NO WAY, NO HOW, NEVER HAPPENED!!! I wouldn't have said shit if he came on here and told the truth about his length of riding time....cuz the riding IS good. If you believe that shit, then I got a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like to sell to you.

  • remotebmx

    2/18/2009 4:10 PM

    Why is everyone bitching anyway.
    Seriously, if he had been riding for like 4 years yous would still be like shit man your good. Hes just a shredder. When i was filming this he had a few huge crashes and i was like man dw bout it well get it another day your getting wrecked trying half this shit and he was like nah man i wanna get it for the video. Thats why hes become so good in such a short time. Because when he got hurt he didnt just sit down and have a bitch or get angry he just kept trying until he pulled it. I saw him eat shit big time heaps on huge tricks and he just got up and kept riding. He snapped a pair of slams, snapped his cranks and buckled his front wheel so bad it was rubbing on the forks while riding for thios video. I bet if yous did that instead of having a sook everytime you graze your knee yous would be riding at the same level.

  • Dylan Crower

    2/18/2009 2:04 PM

    a true bmxican would'nt be talking shit on people who bike just like they do and why does it affect u if you dont like it dont post in here or watch the video.

  • loganbmx

    2/17/2009 5:07 PM

    he didnt say he got bored on a bike he said he was shit on a bike so he got into scooters then got bored on a scooter so he went bak to bmx. i ride wif him neally every weekend he is 15 an has been riding for 10 months

  • spinningbars

    2/17/2009 10:06 AM

    he just admitted earlier that he rode before....said he rode bikes, got bored, then got into scooters, and then back to bikes. Therefore, he has ridden a lot longer than 10-11 months, just that he's only been back to riding for 10-11 months. A true bmxer would not "get bored" with riding and switch to scooters. And a true bmxican wouldn't be here defending his bullshit story unless it was bullshit to begin with. I'm not knocking the riding, cuz it's definately respectable, just leave the bullshit at the door.

  • remotebmx

    2/16/2009 3:44 PM

    Guys i made this fucking video haha yeeee!!
    and seriously when reece told me he was 15 last weekend i was like bullshit i didnt believe him coz hes so good and he looks way older but hes telling the truth. And to everyone saying hes been riding for lokinger than 10 months he hasnt. He used to shred on scooters and now he rides bmx. Hes not making up shit.

  • Savage Animal

    2/15/2009 8:24 PM

    nice vid man and even tho i do have my doubt about ur age and how long u been riding i still believe that its possible so im not saying i dont believe just have my doubts about it but like i said its possible some people learn quicker than others way quicker i mastered 360z and 180z in my 2nd month of riding and i heard people saying it was gonna take me 5 months like them but everybody is different and others are born with gifts so keep ur head up dude and when u get to the dew tour dont get to confident cause i might be one of the riders there 2 lol

  • Dmarshall

    2/15/2009 7:07 PM

    all of u ppl need to stop hating. evidently reece kills on a bike. accept it. sweet vid.

  • radbmx

    2/15/2009 6:55 PM

    dear BMX TODD your caps locks seems to be BROKEN and you seem to be retarded how would a six year old find it any easier to do a truck driver with front brakes than without? dosent the lever get in the way?.. could you do truck driver with front brakes? i dont think you could because your probibly a 13 year old that cant even ride sitting behind your computor screen talking shit on a rider thats better than you will ever be...

  • jakebmx11

    2/15/2009 2:30 AM

    fuck off all you faggots i bet if u met reece u wouldn't be sayin this shit and if ur a shit cunt u soyuld be wishing u could whip you fucking loser and he is 15 and plus if u don't like this video DON'T FUCKING WATCH IT its a good as video.

  • reece687

    2/14/2009 12:21 AM

    i dont care wat people think and i hate i when people say go get sum style siriuously in my eyes style cant be earned it comes natural to that person and just becouse i do all that stuff doesent mean "dew tour training" and how could u predict everything i was going to do i bet i didnt predict anything and y does every 1 hate about dew tour stuff and street stuff who care we all ride the same thing so it doesent matter so stop the hateing

  • gokillyourself

    2/13/2009 11:33 PM

    so over watching whip after whip after whip, and then maybe barspins by the bucketload. And what makes this more annoying is you are getting all defensive about peoples opinions, a true bmxer wouldnt care because they love the sport they're in, yea call me a shit cunt, i am but i'll admit that straight out, but i guarantee i have more fun being a shit cunt than you would with your dew tour training. And finally, dude get some style, and being spontaneous would be good too, i could predict everything you did.

    I liked the 3 over the street spine but, that was clean

  • reece687

    2/13/2009 4:28 PM

    if uve noticed i used sum dudes bike for that u dumb ass


    2/13/2009 3:20 PM