nose & wallride 6

yeah its a fucking 5 second clip, bitch at me, ill bitch right back

Credit: dell
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  • fez dawg

    5/7/2008 5:08 PM

    no offence but u wasted lyk 5 seconds of my time u jackass

  • ride the flow

    5/3/2008 4:30 PM

    pretty nice

  • ginobmx1

    5/3/2008 1:18 AM

    haha at second comment
    keep riding
    it was good

  • ryann.

    5/2/2008 11:34 PM

    stop bitching, and just ride. for fun. not to be better than others.
    alek animal

  • alek_animal92

    5/2/2008 10:35 PM

    fcking...BORING..but good...but BORING..cause it was SHORT..and i wish i lived right next to u so i could kick your fucking jewish ass...BITHCH!! dont ever talk shit to me again u lil bastard..your balls havent even dropped yet u lil poser bitch

  • harokid21

    5/2/2008 8:01 PM


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