plan nine contest 10

pro contest in st louis missouri at plan nine skate park and sry some of the footage looks bad riders include john rodgers, the tree bicycle co team johnny harnisch, and a couple other pro riders

Credit: william woodfin
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  • WheretheWildNathanIs

    2/14/2010 2:24 PM

    It really is his mom haha. Like honestly it is. John had me dying all day long.

  • j-me

    2/14/2010 12:32 PM

    hahahahaha, that shit at the end really could not have turned out any more funny, lmao!!!!!!
    ha"thats my mom =[" ha!

  • masonridesbmx99

    2/14/2010 11:04 AM

    lol i think that actualy is justins mom at the end hahaaha i saw her at the bucknutty contest at rampriders with him

  • whoadang

    2/13/2010 11:10 AM

    kelly didnt ride the contest he rolled his ankle before it even started and could barley walk

  • abod

    2/13/2010 8:57 AM

    wheres the kelly krone footy? im pissed.

  • jimonbike

    2/12/2010 6:21 PM

    sweet edit , not everyone is a professional filmer lol i still liked it , that spine looks amazing

  • whoadang

    2/12/2010 3:50 PM

    yeah sorry about the mgmt but i had a couple other songs with it and nobody like it so i changed it and totamo sry that my filming wasnt to your quality i was rushed and it was the first contest i ever shot the next one will be better


    2/12/2010 12:49 PM

    fuck, i hate MGMT. please, no more

  • piclejuice

    2/12/2010 12:48 PM

    "She rides like a Cadillac" ..."Shes my Mom" hahhahah

  • totamo

    2/12/2010 12:34 PM

    get a different filmer lol, good shit (tricks)