pretty raphy 29

crazybrech new edit

Credit: crazybrech
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  • mugzy

    12/11/2008 2:27 PM

    worst rider to ever go on vitalbmx

  • wog bmx

    12/11/2008 3:39 AM

    or get a freecoaster ud kill at it

  • wog bmx

    12/11/2008 3:38 AM

    i think this dude needs to learn somthing else than just fakies and spins

  • crazybrech

    12/10/2008 11:11 AM

    my turndowns are not pretty but you will speak when you have a true picture...
    et puis faut voir ta tronche aussi c'est pour ca ta pa mis de photo toi!!!!!

  • crazybrech

    12/10/2008 12:37 AM

    yes tout ca c'est a montpellier, mais aussi a poussan carnon... tout les alentours koi
    thank's for all comment

  • ECM

    12/8/2008 7:08 AM

    tout sa c a montpellier ou pas?

  • FatalBmxer4life

    12/7/2008 5:41 PM

    Well fuck man what are yu trying to do kill yourself insane video hey my name is Johnny Stevens checak out my video at Johnny Stevens Bmx

  • tyler_u

    12/7/2008 5:14 PM

    that kid is just like all the kids round my area, they follow you up ramps but dont give u room to fakie and then u hit them

  • wethepeople4s

    12/7/2008 2:53 PM

    what the fuck was that kid thinkin. o maybe i can get a close look at how he does fakie barspins?

  • shadowconfan18

    12/7/2008 1:42 PM

    That kid on the mountain bike must have had an IQ the size of his shoe.He just freakin stood there.

  • kylea1

    12/7/2008 7:29 AM

    i have that frame

  • rodolphe.legendre

    12/7/2008 3:14 AM

    only the backward 540 is good

  • adammm

    12/6/2008 9:48 PM

    sick shit
    nice bike

  • bikerider2k8

    12/6/2008 2:12 PM

    sweet ass vid man

  • bmx man631

    12/6/2008 1:17 PM

    tht god danm kid on the mountain bike was gay as hell man u should have hit him...

  • NelsonIndustries

    12/6/2008 1:03 PM

    if i did a 540 out of a quarter then fakie hopped a barspin and a kid got in the way so i couldn't roll out I would be alot more pissed then you were haha

  • mitchybmx

    12/6/2008 12:42 PM

    hahahaha darn mountain biker, he looked like he was about to chuck his bike of the ramp!

  • sabmx

    12/6/2008 11:55 AM

    Yeaaah Raph' tu gère !!

  • Germain

    12/6/2008 2:31 AM

    I'm here at 1min35 !
    Lol mec ta video c'est comme du pain qui grille, ça saute quand on s'y attends pas
    ( Si t'a rien compris, moi aussi :-) )

  • MoOp

    12/6/2008 2:11 AM

    Fr représent BLLLhhhaa

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