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  • fitrider32

    7/7/2008 7:06 PM

    nice, 1-10 about 8.5
    go all black and get like dark yellow spokes or rims

  • livefastRIDEFASTER

    6/21/2008 9:35 PM

    uh i say go pale blue

  • eastern08

    6/19/2008 7:47 PM

    i rate it at pretty tight. including the custom color thing. and the kink thing (seat clamp). jkjk

  • harobiker720

    6/12/2008 12:32 PM


  • dean rides bikes

    6/9/2008 1:31 PM

    stop shaking your damn camera. Cool bike though

  • ethan.bmx

    6/9/2008 2:47 AM

    oh yer nice bike

  • ethan.bmx

    6/9/2008 2:47 AM

    uhh customized colour thing......... valve cap lol, and kink thing

  • almost1148

    6/6/2008 7:37 PM

    Haro biker is still gay.
    Nice bike too

  • Chris_Johnson

    6/6/2008 2:07 PM

    I posted that thier cozz i wouldnt let me on your profile. /\

  • Chris_Johnson

    6/6/2008 2:07 PM

    Hey Man, i can: fakie, dirt jump wall ride, Manual,180 off the floor, 180 over a ramp, Grind, Feeble grind, Footjam tailwhip (most of the time) barspin, bunnyhop and Basically do all the bascics at a skate park.

    What you been up to? Ive just been out with some mates riding.

  • bmxfreak1811

    6/6/2008 1:08 PM

    i got a lost dutchman same as kc badgers old bikeee...... niceee bike man

  • easternrider21

    6/6/2008 8:18 AM

    jesus keep the camera straight i cant fuckin see

  • bmxican 1001

    6/5/2008 9:28 PM


  • jbdog123

    6/5/2008 8:54 PM

    cool bike and that is a seat post
    clamp stupid but that's cool just keep on rideing
    and do all you can do on the bike.
    pink look's cool on bike's and so dose hunter org
    but that's your pick too. go ride thouse parks like crazzzzzzzzzzzy

  • harokid21

    6/5/2008 6:40 PM



    6/5/2008 1:21 PM

    hehe this is cute

  • wannab.mx

    6/5/2008 12:30 PM

    nice, but how much?

  • Reno bmxer

    6/5/2008 10:48 AM

    Why trade pivotal seat for seat with rails

  • Reno bmxer

    6/5/2008 10:44 AM

    Custom color thinges on your wheels nice!!!!

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