short video of old clips 15

threw together a few clips from a few years ago... the end is funny.

Credit: me(filming), kory(riding), meatball(the fat kid)
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  • sayle

    6/22/2008 1:12 PM

    why would u put that on and embaras ur self. hhahaha noob

  • marmcamp

    6/21/2008 9:42 AM


  • BoviceBmx

    6/21/2008 9:41 AM

    wht the hell was that i can do a xup and grab my titties at the same time since im fat woooooooooooooo

  • wikidmunity7

    6/21/2008 5:36 AM

    dude you fucking suck...and stop making fun of fat kids you fag

  • BugsBunny

    6/20/2008 8:13 PM

    yes, i am an idiot.. i am mildy retarded i like to fuck sheep in the ass. i LOVE sticking my dick in blenders... ohh and i LOVE all the shit this one useless video started!!!

  • ztownbmx

    6/20/2008 5:12 PM

    youre an idiot.

  • marmcamp

    6/20/2008 4:47 PM


  • BugsBunny

    6/20/2008 4:37 PM

    haha it makes me laugh to red ur comments, for one, im not the one riding, so idk y u keep saying I suck. and second, it wasnt anything good, as the title and description should tell you, it was OLD SHITTY FOOTAGE!!!!

    but w/e keep the funny ass bitchy comments coming, the entertain me.

  • pedroB12

    6/20/2008 4:05 PM

    hey man u suck wen i started riding i was over 14 stone so go fuk ureself

  • marmcamp

    6/20/2008 1:32 PM

    wow man.. that was lame.. i'm a big guy and i'm better than that.

  • bmxride479

    6/20/2008 8:07 AM

    that song was gay. the ending was just bullshit. and u shudnt slow down tricks like that. it makes it look like they are good or something

  • BugsBunny

    6/20/2008 7:30 AM

    hay ass fucks, i do believe the title says SHITTY ASS VIDEO!
    it was three clips i found on an old camera, i put them together in like hmmmm 5 seconds... and FAT PPL SUCK ASS they need to give a shit about themselves and go lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hockeypimp360

    6/20/2008 7:17 AM

    Fat kids are people too. Not really.

  • goridebrakeless

    6/20/2008 6:50 AM

    your a discrase to the whole sport. you did one xup and a tire tap and threw in some homo effects from '92


    6/20/2008 6:23 AM

    all you did was x ups and tire taps so gay. fuck you for makin fun of fat people too i hope when ur 20 you weigh 400 pouns queef