skecthy 8

me feeble
yea its bad hah that was like last month i can do them alot better adn i can smith

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  • lumpster-

    8/9/2008 12:06 PM

    go faster and u will slide for ages, took me ages to be able to go down a ledge or along somethink good work tho ;D

  • marmcamp

    8/8/2008 9:14 PM

    yeah that was cool but go faster bro

  • freecoaster bmx

    8/7/2008 11:49 AM

    looks really good

  • awire

    8/7/2008 9:26 AM

    thats how i look when i get dared to do em blind go faster next time

  • harobiker720

    8/7/2008 7:15 AM

    thts how i looked when i was learning to

  • a Justin

    8/7/2008 12:27 AM

    o yes 3d

  • tibug

    8/6/2008 8:10 PM

    Ya dude it was almost bad as a dumbshit who says "oh and I'm 1st" on a video that he says is really bad. I mean saying you're first on a kickass video is one thing, but why in the world would anyone effin care about the fact that you were the first to comment on a shit vid.

    Nah dude, sharing the love of riding is what its all about...who cares if its a shitty feeble. It's hard to do them on concrete starting out anyways.

  • Jeb2492

    8/6/2008 7:08 PM

    That was really bad. oh and 1st

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