tyler font 9

riding local park

Credit: joey
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  • jake8494

    1/2/2009 7:54 PM

    nice video tyler..

  • Matt Smith

    1/1/2009 7:25 PM



    1/1/2009 12:41 AM

    i like it )) nice ride

  • goride4

    12/30/2008 10:54 PM

    tyler!nice riding.woodward this year?

  • brylacombe

    12/30/2008 10:12 PM

    haha everyone is loving the daniel dhers bike but man some good stuff i havent seen out of u but half that other shit was pointless someone needs to work on there editing skills and it would of been alot better other that man we need to shredd soon making a dvd i need clips of u one day

  • Rosster182

    12/30/2008 9:44 PM

    Aww thats my son tyler!! cabin 23B represent. GOBBIES!!

  • Shaw31692

    12/30/2008 9:21 PM

    defiantly digging that bike nice transitions in the video

  • ryan k.

    12/30/2008 8:48 PM

    nice what kind of bike is that its sick

  • Mirracorider299

    12/30/2008 8:14 PM

    Nice riding man