very easy 11

just something i did for the hell of it and no this isnt all i can do but my camera sucks

Credit: my sis
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bikerdude359's videos

  • bikerdude359

    5/7/2008 6:50 PM


  • fez dawg

    5/7/2008 5:23 PM

    hey bikethestreets u are the biggest poser here buddy y dnt u just leave them aloan as long as they are doing shit its good man.

  • bikerdude359

    5/6/2008 6:37 PM

    that would have been funny to break it being i only use it to bunny hop it. i hate skateboarding. and dont call me a poser because i live in a freakin tiny town with no spots to ride so dont just go around callin people posers unless they are real dicks

  • bikethestreets

    5/5/2008 1:55 PM


  • Maximilus

    5/5/2008 1:06 PM


  • ginobmx1

    5/5/2008 2:02 AM

    HAH TO Cole61 comment
    plank pushers

  • Cole61

    5/4/2008 7:56 PM

    Should of landed on the board and broke it

  • bikerdude359

    5/4/2008 4:36 PM

    ya its easy and fun to do if u live in a town that has no spots to ride

  • sundaybmxRR

    5/3/2008 7:06 PM

    that stuff is fun

  • sundaybmxRR

    5/3/2008 7:05 PM

    i cant do it =[

  • bikerdude359

    5/3/2008 7:04 PM

    please dont hate on it