vinny preview (chainless bmx) 6

i ride chainless and i just had some clip and threw em together

Credit: me
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  • vanny

    4/30/2010 2:37 PM

    that was insane

  • Lanky Nathan

    4/30/2010 5:22 AM

    YEAHH VINNY!!! I didnt know u cud flair!!! thats sick man =D

  • rawritsnizzle

    4/29/2010 9:06 PM

    i use brakes for like safety, like flipping spine and that etc.

  • devonheartsbmx

    4/29/2010 6:19 PM

    dude u can go fast enuff to need it? why talk shit jdavidson? could u flair chainless? could u flip a spine chainless? i doubt it.. so fuck off nikka!!!!: )

  • jdavidson

    4/28/2010 11:12 AM

    I'm all for people riding chainless, but why do you have to announce it? Also, what's the point of having brakes? You can't really go fast enough to need them.

  • mr bmx man#1

    4/28/2010 7:55 AM

    no sproket